product list
    TCT Circular Saw Blades
         Ripping cut blades
         Multi ripping cut blades, thin kerf
         General propose blade for wood
         Universal cross cut for wood
         Fine & smooth cross cut
         Blade with chip limiting device
         Professional construction blade
         Blade for cutting wood with nails
         Combination teeth blade for wood
         For cutting plastic in general
         For cutting aluminium and non-ferrous metal
         For cutting aluminium ingot & copper ingot
         For cutting steel, iron and ferrous metal
         For cutting steel ingot
         For cutting steel pipe
         Multi ripping cut blades with carbide wipers slots
         Grass cutting blades
         Adjustable scoring blades
         Scoring circular saw blades with conical teeth
         Blades for various kind of portable saw machines,wood cutting
         Blades for various kind of portable saw machines,nailed wood cutting
         Blades for various kind of portable saw machines,aluminium cutting
    PCD Circular Saw Blades
         For Fiber Cement products cut
         For Chipboard layers cut
    Steel Circular Saw Blades
    Steel Core Blank Plate, Steel Plate Body
         For TCT Circular Saw Blades
         For Diamond Saw Blades
    Bore reduction bushings for circular saw blades
    Diamond Saw Blades
         Sintered, continuous rim
         Sintered, segmented
         Sintered, turbo
         Sintered, segmented turbo
         Sintered, wave turbo
         Sintered, fine turbo rim
         Hot press sintered, T segment turbo
         Hot press sintered, tile cut specialist
         Hot press sintered, general propose
         Curving cutting blades
    Diamond Saw Blades. Diameter°›300mm
         Sintered, general propose
         Sintered, cut general building materials
         Sintered, cut concrete
         Sintered, cut abrasive materials
         Brazed weld, cut marble & granite
         Brazed weld, wall saw blade
    Laser weld Diamond Saw Blades
         For general propose
         Cut concrete
         Cut green concrete
         Cut asphalt
         Cut abrasive materials
         Detector Loop & Joint Cutting
    Diamond Tuck Point Blades
    Diamond Crack Chaser Blades
    Diamond Mortar Ranking Blades
    Diamond Grinding Cup
         Diamond Grinding Cup, single row
         Diamond Grinding Cup, double row
         Diamond Grinding Cup, turbo row
         Diamond Grinding Cup, T row and others
    Diamond Floor Grinding Plate
    Diamond Grinding Plugs
    Diamond Core Drill Bits
    Diamond Core Drill Bits Kit
    Diamond Polishing Pads
    Electroplated Diamond Blades & Tools
PCD Circular Saw Blades for Fiber Cement Products.

Tipped on the carbide material with diamond called PCD(Polycrystalline Diamond), circular saw blade is widely used for its long products life. The product's life is 30 to 120 times as long as the one of the ordinary TCT circular saw blades. This merit of long life cycle make it possible to achieve high productivity and to reduce overhead cost in many work places like wooden floor, furniture, and other woodworking factories. Furthermore, PCD circular saw blades become essential more and more in Printed circuit board (PCB) companies.
The PCD Circular Saw Blades (PCD Sierras Circulars) are specially designed as Fiber Cement cutting blades that suitable for cutting Fiber Cement Products, and also suitable for cutting plastic material in general, such as plexiglass (FRP), solid suface and PVC etc…
Quality Grade: For industrial, For professional market.
Bore: Available all size and kind upon request, such as 5/8”, 1”, 20mm, 22.23mm, 25mm, 30mm, 35mm, etc…
Teeth: Teeth number could be adjusted upon request. Hook angle could be adjusted upon request.
PCD Teeth together with carbide teeth on one blade is available.

      Types and designs of teeth and shoulder:


      Recommend cutting materials:


Fiber cement products

Plastic & FRP

Solid surface


      Size and Specifications:




Teeth Number




ZPCD 180





ZPCD 250





ZPCD 300






Other specifications & sizes are available upon request.

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